Banning Corporal Punishment ~ Part of the Solution to Domestic Terrorism


A couple of days ago I posted a petition for federal legislation that would end corporal punishment in schools in the United States. And I am again scraping my jaw from the floor. I have received comments ranging from a simple “Why?” to comments suggesting I ingest a sizable helping of excrement. I don’t know why I should still be shocked by these responses, but I am.  Continue reading


Metro Map

I have two cars and four people on my insurance policy, three of which are under the age of 25 and, God help me, one of those is a 16-year-old boy. Yeah. My insurance premium is a million dollars a month. (Note to preschool-applying, college-funding parents of still-in-utero offspring: earmark a portion of your income for the Apocalypse, AKA, teen driving years).  Continue reading

9/11 And How it Changed Me

Morgan Twin Towers

Originally published 9/11/2014. Our stories about that day will always be relevant. 

If we are old enough, we remember that horrible moment fourteen years ago. The moment we heard. That morning was no different from any other morning. But then, in an instant, it was. And it changed everything. How did we make sense of it for our children? How do we make sense of it now?  Continue reading

Holding Children Together While We Come Apart. Helping Our Kids Through Divorce


“Are you guys getting a divorce?”

My nine-year-old was eavesdropping on a terrible argument through the insulation of running water and a closed bathroom door. Valid question, as I had isolated her from the procrastinating eruption of our marriage since the day she was born.  Continue reading


Caitlyn 4

An open response to the ignorant and disrespectful post to the basic rules of humanity, written by Matt Walsh for The Blaze. 

A decade after we met, I sat across the Studio City California Pizza Kitchen table from my high school soul sister. She put the silly in my goofball, shared my passion for music and was my high-five-go-to-girl (“oh-my-god-no-way!”) for my secret boy crushes. She also damp-shouldered every youthful heartbreak I ever had.  Continue reading

Defending Divorce

"Forgotten is forgiven." F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Forgotten is forgiven.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Stop LOOKING at me!”

They were all staring.


Every. Last. One of them.

My heart was pounding and trying to escape through my head and the only thing I could hear was a high pitched frequency. My dad had his hand on my elbow, encouraging me to take another step. I was moving in slow motion and simultaneously spinning. My mouth was dry and I couldn’t see.

“Take a breath, idiot! It’s just another performance. It’s just another performance. It’s just another performance.”

But it wasn’t. I was twenty years old and it was my wedding day. Continue reading