Ted Cruz: Spanking Comes Down To Who We Are

Ted Cruz Spanks

Note to my readers: Just over an hour after posting this article, Senator Ted Cruz announced his withdrawal from the Presidential Race. Cruz could handle the slings and arrows from Trump, but apparently my middle cinnamon roll blog was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 😉 

I almost always steer clear of the political scene, because most people firmly believe what they believe and we are either slamming our heads against walls with our arguments, or we are preaching to the choir. But a very politically charged subject came up last Sunday in a Ted Cruz rally and I just can’t let it sit there.

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No More Spanking – Part 2


Okay, I admit it. I screwed up. By using the word “bully” in the title of my last post, If You Hit Your Child, You Are a Bully, I insulted a LOT of people and for that, I apologize. In my attempt to bring more awareness to the options available to us in lieu of spanking our children, I virtually “spanked” those who do. I received multiple comments, both on my Facebook page and in private messages from some very well-meaning and loving parents (some of which turned into pretty wonderful dialogues), as well as several profane and inarticulate comments which I chose to leave alone. I recognize that there is still a high percentage of parents out there who believe in spanking their children as a last resort and who are also determined to be the best parents they can be. My use of the word “bully” was negative and did not achieve the desired result. Continue reading