Why Being A Single Mom Is The Hardest And Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

MWT 2016

I thought being a new parent would be the hardest part of the job. I was wrong. While pregnant with my son and waiting for my girls to end their day at City & Country School in New York City, I asked another mom, “What is the best parenting advice you ever received?” Her answer was the greatest quote I ever heard on the subject. Continue reading

6 Guidelines to Raising Kids With High Self-Esteem

I have consistently failed at parenting. By the time they were 6 months old, all three of my babies had rolled off the bed and bonked their heads. FAIL.

They all got diaper rash, ate French fries and cookies that had fallen on the floor and watched bad TV. FIZZLE.

Sugar is DRUGZZZZ.

Sugar is DRUGZZZZ.

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