Why Being A Single Mom Is The Hardest And Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

MWT 2016

I thought being a new parent would be the hardest part of the job. I was wrong. While pregnant with my son and waiting for my girls to end their day at City & Country School in New York City, I asked another mom, “What is the best parenting advice you ever received?” Her answer was the greatest quote I ever heard on the subject. Continue reading

22 Ways My Imperfect Mother is Perfect

Mom 1

“Look at your beautiful mom. She brightens everybody’s day with that smile.”

I was 9 and Kathy was 8 and we were sitting in what passed for the backseat of our blue MG convertible. We watched through the big glass window at 7-eleven as our mother chatted and laughed with the guy behind the counter. He was beaming. Our dad’s comment came from the driver’s seat as we waited for her. Continue reading

Pill Bugs And Other Gifts From Our Children

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I came home from school in the fourth grade and presented my mother with a self-portrait clay figurine, complete with my favorite blue dress and long blonde hair.  It fit in the palm of her hand. My sister gave her a shiny and expressive black and white tuxedo cat. We proudly beamed and our mother cried as she prominently placed them on a shelf in the living room.

On every gift-giving occasion, my kids ask me what I want, to which I always respond, “Make me something!”

They roll their eyes and say, “No, REALLY!”

“Yes, REALLY!” And I really, really mean it. Continue reading

When Love, Sex and Art Intersect ~ Contrapuntal Consent

Wassily Kandinsky – “Cadence” (1924)

Wassily Kandinsky – “Cadence” (1924)

I am a timpani. You are a skilled percussionist, expertly wielding your mallets. Rumors of instrumental mastery excite and intimidate me and as you approach me for the first time, I search for a symphonic focal point. I am weakened by the heat of your hand near my husk enticing me with anticipatory upbeats.

I am breathless.

You lure me with precision in timbre, sonority, style and placement, tempting me with rhythmic perfection. You play me like you know me and as you carry me to a higher musical sphere I begin to surrender to each perfect and previously unexposed profound moment.

I am mesmerized. Continue reading