About Trina

Trina Pic - Back Gate

Writing my bio is like forming a hamburger patty that is loaded with the usual onions and spices, but also includes assorted fruits, nuts and hard candies. I prefer the word “medley” to “mutt.” I carry a couple of music degrees in my back pocket that I occasionally use to wipe down countertops or remove DNA from objects which may or may not incriminate me. (I actually tried cleaning my kitchen counter once with a sandwich and only realized its ineffectiveness when my eldest griped from the kitchen table about the sponge that randomly appeared on her plate.) I am overly-optimistic and too trusting (actual accusations). I cycle, hike, swim and scuba-dive (insert the parenthetical “sort of” after each activity). I am a progression and adventure devotee. First and foremost, though, I am a mom. A grateful and honored single mom. Here is where I will self-indulgently post observations, life experiences and stories of the children I bore (double entendre intended) that may amuse only me. I think I’m okay with that. (Not really. I want you to love me.) Enjoy.


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